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About BuzzHome Productions

Producing high quality real estate video and photography in the Pikes Peak region.

Greg Busby

greg busby - buzzhome productions

All my life I have pursued a passion for music, audio recording, video production, computers, science and technology.  I began my formal training and education with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Audio & Video Recording Engineering from Memphis State University (now University of Memphis), a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Science Education from Tennessee Technological University, and continued with a Masters of Arts in Science Curriculum and Instruction at UCCS. For 20 years I have taught a variety of classes in the International Baccalaureate Program for public schools in Colorado Springs; mainly science courses and video production courses. The path I’ve taken has allowed me numerous opportunities for using multimedia to inspire people to observe, think and learn.  I have found that video is most effective at capturing the attention of even the busiest people.

One summer, our family was looking for a place for our son to live while attending college.  After sifting through a bunch of listings on the Internet, I found one that included a video.  The listing agent recorded a video as she walked her iPhone from one room to the next announcing what I was seeing in the video.  A flood of thoughts came to me: this is a great idea, not the best way to do it.  Few people know how to record and edit home tour videos but most people know why it’s a great idea. I know how to do this, and now I know why this needs to be done properly!

Why Video?

All home listings need attractive photos, and I really enjoy the craft of architectural photography. I also believe in the power of providing home buyers video they want to see when they begin searching for their next home.  Real video tours capture the attention of a home buyer in ways 
that “virtual” tours (usually just photo slide shows) cannot.  Real video tours make home listings stand out from the rest.  Lately, as a former high school video production teacher and entrepreneur, I have realized the valuable place video has taken in both education and marketing.  People are visual creatures who want to see things.