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BuzzHome Productions is your gateway to high-quality video real estate marketing & real estate photography in Colorado Springs and the Front Range. Video tours are an advantage in the eyes of potential buyers, providing the viewer with a living, moving representation of life in their future home.


Custom HD Video

Custom Branding

Music soundtrack

Highest Quality Images

MLS  and Web/Print sizes

Real Estate Aerial Photos and Video

FAA Certified Drone Pilot

Aerial Photos & Videos

BHP Promises

High-Quality Photos & Video

Every real estate photograph and video is created and edited by a professional with state-of-the-art equipment.

Incredible Customer Service

Each customer is handled with the best care because they work one-on-one with Greg on every project.

Affordability & Accountability

BHP understands that it’s pertinent to photograph or shoot a home in a timely and within budget manner and so our prices are affordable and our turnaround times short. Typically 24 hours for photos and 48 hours for video.

Meet Greg

BuzzHome Productions was founded in 2013 by Greg Busby, a video and photo professional. His quest for providing real video tours was sparked by viewing a video of a potential home he was going to buy.

He recognized the power of the video, and decided to use his knowledge and skills to provide home buyers video they want to see when they begin searching for their next home.

Since then, he has been servicing the Colorado Springs region with quality imagery, both video and photos, while receiving exceptional customer satisfaction!


Greg Busby

Owner & Operator